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Chances are, if you are even the least savvy internet surfer, You’re aware of VPN’s. Even if you’re not sure exactly how they work, experts tell us that Virtual Private Networks are a must have to your technology arsenal.

About ZenMate

Update: August 2020

It All Starts With Your IP Address – It all starts with your IP or Internet Protocol Device. Simply put, an IP address is like your home address and postal code of your computer and internet network. Only with an IP address, its a set of numbers. For example,

With an IP address, your computer and the server it is accessing can communicate, and the server, using HTML coding, can provide you with the necessary information you are looking for.

This is the good news. With the IP system in place, you can access millions of documents and websites stored around the world. The bad news, is that with your IP address, governments, companies, and individuals can spy on you, restrict the data you are able to see, either by setting geographical limits, or out and out censorship and collect your private data for sale. Even financial data such as credit cards can be hacked.

How Does a VPN Work?

VPNs such as Zenmate VPN work by serving as a middle man between your computer and internet provider and computer website servers. What happens is that in a blink of an eye, your computer contacts Zenmate, which then assigns you a different IP address, independent of your computer and network provider.

The beauty of a Virtual Private Network such as Zenmate VPN is that this new, independent IP address is not random. Zenmate, for example, has servers in 30 different places around the world, including the United States, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and South Africa to give you examples. This means, that you can virtually bypass and access any website in the world, regardless of where you are located. With a VPN, you select the server throughout the world where you would like your IP address to match.

Examples of Why You Need a VPN

  1. The first example is to imagine you are traveling, or even living in another country other than your own. Governments such as China, for example, have strict censorship rules as to what you can and cannot view over the internet. With a VPN you can keep up with the news, unhindered by censorship.
  2. A second example is simple geolimits on access, set by company policy. Up until recently, Netflix was only available in 60 countries around the world. They have recently expanded their access list to up to 200 countries, but Netflix is an example of a company that sets geolimits. Youtube, Yahoo, and many other companies continue to set geolimits on content, as advertising sponsors don’t wish to spend money on content that is viewed by people from across the globe.
  3. A third example is adult content. Governments such as Thailand, Brunei, Egypt, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, strictly regulate or have an out and out ban on adult content. And while this may not be a loss to many, consider that it’s not strictly porn they are banning, but also legitimate Hollywood blockbusters with adult themes. Politically charged movies are also blocked.
  4. Closer to home, if you take a break and do business at an airport or coffee shop using a public wifi system, you’re probably aware that your data can be easily hacked, including confidential financial information. A VPN such as Zenmate only enables you to access websites around the world, but instant encrypts everything you type with military-quality encryption systems that would take a multi-million dollar supercomputer to break.

Zenmate is Not Only for Computers

Zenmate is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems and has downloads for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. But a VPN should not only be for computers. With the Zenmate subscription plans, you can protect up to five devices, including IOS and Android Operated phones and tablets. So wherever you go, your privacy and your data can be protected.

How much does Zenmate Cost?

For all its value, protecting your privacy, data and financial information costs very little. Zenmate offers three levels of subscription service, monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly. It costs $9.99 for a month of protection on five devices, but the price drops to $3.99 per month if you subscribe for a year and an astoundingly low $2.05 cents per month with the two-year plan and the Zenmate Discount.

Zenmate bills all at once for the one and two-year plans, and with the minor difference being that the one year plan is billed at $47.88 per year, while for $49.20, you can get a full, two years of protection.

You can sign up for a 7-day trial subscription to Zenmate at no charge, and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Save Even More with a ZenMate Coupon

Zenmate authorizes resellers to offer special Zenmate offers. This enables you to reduce the price of a two-year-plan for example to as low as $1.84 per month. To get the coupon code numbers, simply Google Zenmate Coupon.

The ZenMate Difference

There are other VPN’s out there, but ZenMate is rated highly by thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses. They maintain a no-log policy, which means even Zenmate does not keep track of your internet surfing and are trusted by over 45 million users.

They have lighting-fast servers in over 30 countries, and offer top-grade encryption of your data, with no lag in your internet browsing.

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