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Protect your identity and personal privacy with their anonymous VPN service. TorGuard VPN Service encrypts your internet access and provides an anonymous IP so you can browse securely. Use a TorGuard Coupon and you can also save money.


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About TorGuard

Update: August 2020

In December of 1995 there were 16-million internet users. That grew to 4-billion by December of 2017. These users consume massive amounts of content every day. The downside to the explosion in internet usage is that there are many bad actors trying to change what you see, where you see it, and if you’re allowed to see it at all Depending on where you are. The internet should be a place where the world goes to connect, inform, and prosper, but some are taking advantage of an expanded internet by blocking, tracking, and/or logging your internet access. This can be done by a government, a company, or even a private website. The reasons for why they track our traffic is unclear, but it is clear we have to be proactive to protect ourselves when we travel online and access the content available with, or without, a VPN provider. A virtual private network connects a personal, and private server to a public server to send and receive internet data as if the private network was directly connected to the public one. This innovation allows users to take back some of the control lost to big business and government. Too much of a good thing usually leads to bad actions made by bad actors. Users need to recognize that they’re a part of a larger problem why the internet must change or the people must change the way they use the internet.

VPN for Life

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your cloak of invisibility against restrictions imposed by service providers, governments, or websites. A VPN operates on an untraceable bait and switch technique. When you are provided a service through a VPN provider, you will have gain access to remote servers that you will use to manage your internet usage. Why would you want to go through a VPN network before you get to the online content you want to see? Your location, you IP address, will not be accessible by the websites you visit. The VPN servers allow you to surf, work, and consume content that might otherwise be restricted. You may not know it now, but your internet access is being restricted if you do not use a VPN network to hide you IP address. If you can separate from your own IP address, your internet traffic cannot be traced back to you wherever you are. A quality VPN network gives you back your anonymity as well as your piece of mind. Now you can use the internet the way it was meant to be used, fast, safe, and unrestricted. Besides the benefits of untraceable travels, VPN networks come with other, highly prized, features like no logging of usage, changing IP addresses, and a reduction in blocked content related to location and restrictions.

More Opportunities

Unless you are currently using a VPN to access the internet, you’ll never know how much of the internet you’re missing. In some countries the internet is highly restricted and access for users located in-country are hard to compare against open internet access like in the United States. But there is changes coming in both the restricted and less restrictive countries. More and more advertisers and governmental agencies are using personal data from our internet traffic to focus advertising and find potential bad actors using the internet. Because of this the internet is restricted even in the United States but you wouldn’t know it unless you were viewing the internet through a secure, redirecting network like a VPN offers. What surprised most VPN users was how much content they were actually unable to access before the change to VPN.

The content was blocked not by a government, not by a police state, but by local companies who, when allowing customers to access a hotspot or Wi-Fi, they were restricting access to websites that were competitors, or for content they deemed unsuitable for viewing, and any other unrelated problem they had decided on. The internet is slowly slipping away from users who try to access the web the way they are used to, through an internet provider. If the providers would stop blocking content, the internet might not be so bad. When a government controls the internet, the internet can never be what it was meant to be. Using a VPN network will allow a user to get around local restrictions put in place by local governments. By changing the location of your server to the public VPN network can place you thousands of miles away from where you actually are doing your internet surfing. Now you can travel to places like China, Philippines, and others who actively manage internet content. Your pass to a restriction free web is as easy to use as signing into your VPN network.

Internet is Full of Scalawags

When the internet begins to act badly, you must have a way to protect yourself from the bad actors working to reduce your security and access your private information. It may seem amusingly harmful to the ones who are making the internet an unsafe place, but to the afflicted it can cause them problems that take longer to heal. Because you are risking the information contained within your computer, it is safe to say that you want to keep the door locked so no one can get in, your computer that is. These scalawags come in different shapes and forms. Some are hackers, some are whackers, some are bots, and some are not. Any one of them can become a problem if they have access back to where your own computer, private server, is located. Once you have left enough crumbs to allow hackers or hacking scripts to follow you home, you will have a problem you may not be able to eliminate without a big loss in hardware, software, private files, and more. When everybody seems like a scalawag, it’s time to step into anonymity through the use of a quality VPN network. A good place to check is TorGuard. It’s a high quality VPN that you can get access to by using a TorGuard coupon for your initial trial.

TorGuard and BitTorrent

TorGuard is a VPN used by many BitTorrent leecher and seeder peers to provide a fast and secure pathway to large amounts of data. BitTorrent and TorGuard combine to create a perfect blend of data transfer and security. A TorGuard coupon can be used to try the system on for size. If your company or personal project requires the implementation of large data sets and they need to come free of problematic scripts, then downloading and uploading these large datasets can be made extremely safe by running them through TorGuard VPN Network. The VPN that works best at Peer 2 Peer file transfer with super-fast speed scores and a rating scare handed down by users. A TorGuard promo code can give new users an opportunity to try out the services at a reduced rate. Now your internet security is truly safe, fast, and nearly free.

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