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The World’s Fastest VPN Service – A network of 3 million and more statisfied useres. Over 2,000 highly optimized servers and over 300,000 IPs and much more! Check out our PureVPN promo codes.

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About PureVPN

Update: August 2020

Pure VPN is a Virtual Private Network provider based out of Hong Kong. Pure VPN has over 750 servers in 140 countries. They offer a wide arrange of features. Gamers use this service to help reduce ping issues and prevent attacks. Other uses for this service include gaining accesses to content that is not available in their area. Pure VPN has software available for Windows, Mac, iSo, and Android devices. There are browser extensions available for Google Chrome, and Firefox. You can also set up the system on Linux, and wifi routers. You will need to set up Pure VPN with a router to secure boxes such as Roku and Apple TV. You can pay in a wide range of ways including a PureVPN coupon.


Pure VPN supports five logins per account, meaning you can use the service on five of your devices. The site also offers split tunneling which allows the user to choose which websites go through the VPN and which go through their regular ISP. The kill switch feature is a fail safe to ensure that you keep your privacy in any situation. There is also leak protection for DNS, IPV6, and Web RTC. They offer access to all of their servers with unlimited broadband. There are servers dedicated only for streaming. You can also switch between servers at any time without it affecting the speed of the internet. The service also has a built-in ad block feature.

There are also a number of add-on features that you can get with the service. P2P protection allows for secure file sharing. The NAT firewall add-on adds an extra layer of security. There is also DDoS protection available.

Pure VPN also offers dedicated IPs for people who want full control of their internet experience.

Security and Trust

Pure VPN uses 256-bit encryption to ensure that your data is secure. The system also makes sure that you stay anonymous as you browse the internet. Pure VPN claims that they do not keep any information about what the user is doing, but questions about this have arisen after an incident with the FBI. In 2017 Pure VPN handed over logs to help the FBI with a case. These logs did not say what the man in question did on the internet. It only recorded when the person logged on and off of the server, and the users IP address. It raised concerns for some customers since at that time Pure VPN claimed to keep no logs of any kind. In May 2018, Pure VPN released a new privacy policy which stated they are no longer recording timestamps or IP addresses. It seems they are trying to fix past mistakes.

Another issue Pure VPN has is less of a security issue and more of a trust issue. Pure VPN in uses virtual servers which means the servers might not actually be in the country or state they claim to be. Servers in Ohio, for example, are actually closer to Vienna, Austria. You can tell about where the location of a server is by using a ping test. It takes the Ohio server location 94 milliseconds to hit New York, but only nine to hit Vienna. It places the server closer to Vienna. Virtual location servers still act like the location where they claim to be.

Speed and Streaming

In a speed test, Pure VPN performed well and did not drop connections. When uploading the speed was reduced by 6.2 percent domestically and 5.1 percent when downloading. Internationally the speed was 97.6 percent upload speed and 55.7 percent downloading speed. In the latency test, the ping time was increased 200 percent domestically and 287.2 internationally. When tested playing games such as Leauge of Legends the ping time domestically was 40ms.

One problem that Pure VPN has is accessing Netflix. Streaming U.S Netflix was inconsistent using Pure VPN. The problem is that Netflix actively tries to detect VPNs and block them. Where it does not say anywhere that Netflix bans VPNs it does state that they can use technology to verify locations. Many VPNs have had problems with Netflix. It is important to point out this problem since Pure VPN has servers set aside just for streaming.


Pure VPN does not offer a free trial but does offer a 31-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service. To be eligible for the money back guarantee you have to use less than 3GB and have connected to the service less than 100 times. If you would like to try out the service without spending a lot of money, they offer a three day trial for $2.50.

The monthly package for their service is $10.95. There is also a 1 -year package that cost $59.00. Besides the basic package, there is a number of add-ons that you can purchase separately. A business version is also available priced at 8 dollars a person. Pure VPN accepts debit, credit, e-wallets like PayPal, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There is also a way to pay anonymously using gift cards from popular chains like Target. You can also use a PureVPN coupon.

Customer service

When you purchase PureVPn, it comes with a wealth of information about how to use the services. The service center found under my account tab has information about streaming, using the service in China, and about any other question, you may have. If you can not find the answer to your question there, there are two other ways to get help. You can submit a ticket which usually takes less than an hour. There is also a live chat option. The problem with the live chat option is the person on the other end may not know how to help you. All customer service options are available at any time.

Pure VPN has a number of great features at a low price. They have had some scandals in the past, but are working hard to try and fix all their issues. Pure VPN has a good streaming speed and is secure enough to use for all your internet needs.

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